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The Smartest Way To Manage Relationships & MAKE MONEY and It's Free!

Webtalk is taking on all social media from LinkedIn to Facebook to Instagram to Twitter with it's patent-pending SocialCRM technology.

Current Social Media sites have many Big problems:

  • No Contact management

  • No Data Verification

  • No Ecommerce

  • Greed

Webtalk have:

  • Contact & Content Management

  • Data Verification

  • Ecommerce & Marketplace

  • Never pay to Reach Followers

  • Paid Content Creation

  • Less Advertisements

  • Rewarded Referrals


Having multiple accounts on different platforms is the Only Solution Available -For just a few of the problems..

Until Now!

Consolidate + Organize + Validate + Reward

Universal Contact management & Networking

Personal + Professional + Business

(Team & Customer Management coming soon)

Magic Newsfeed

Social Syndication + Blogs + Network/Group/Media/File/Keywords Filters

(Collaboration + Live Video + Meetings coming soon)

Universal Profile

Resume + News + Media/File Galleries + Privacy Controls

(eCommerce + Verify coming soon)

Universal Contact Management, Networking, Newsfees & Profile... In one App!

Super App

Multi-Functional Application



The Smartes Way To Manage Your Relationships

Consolidate and organize your relationships, communication and content giving you back more control, time and privacy.


Coming soon...

The smartest Way to manage Your BUSINESS

Thrive globally and in your local community, with more tools to reach and manage your customers and team.


Coming soon...

The smartest Way to conduct Transactions

Get due diligence-on-demand & the first trusted global economy to hire and be hired, shop, book service providers and even find a date.


How We Make Money

Webtalk & YOU


Invite your contacts...

Earn 10% Revenue share for life!

  • Pro Subscriptions

  • Advertising

  • Transaction Fees

  • Job Services



10% commissions paid on revenue generated by your referrals to Webtalk

  • Agree to terms e-signature required

  • Complete your profile must be 100% complete

  • Say Follow Me On Webtalk and share your links to track referrals


First 1 Million BONUS

You Refer 1 Pro Customer

-Bonus Earn 10% Revenue Share Through 5-Degrees of Referrals For Life


1M Bonus Comp Plan

You > 10% > 10% >10% >10%> 10%

Webtalk is paying up to 50% of All Revenue For Life!



  • Complete Your profile must be 100% complete

  • Refer 1 pro Customer billing annually (or for 12-months consecutively)

  • Be First only 1M Bonuses awarded

  • It's REALLY that simple!



The Smartest Way To Manage Relationships & MAKE MONEY

Webtalk is Donating 10% of all profits to charity.

JOIN US - Click this link!


And complete your profile 100% and remember. Got friends, family and colleagues? Invite them to Webtalk and earn revenue share for life with our SocialCPX Affiliate Program It's FREE, Fast & Extremely Lucrative!