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Crowd1 is basically

1. NETWORKING - building a Crowd!
We earned from sharing this business to others. SHARING is the Key to enjoy all future benefits.

2. CROWD1 is NOT investment company where you will put your HARD earned money and expect them to GROW for you, even without doing anything.

Although your (White Package) Registration enjoys the benefits of receiving Weekly FREE Owner Rights & potential increase in Owner Right Value/share.

Note: Owner Rights is convertible to TOKEN, it increases in VALUE overtime and can be use to buy/sell/trade in the future. Just like crypto-currencies.

I hope in the future everyone will learn about bitcoins. Block-chain, etc.

3. Crowd1 will soon (February) give dividends to all members, specially those with Pioneer Owner Rights, from the profits they earned from their Affiliates in Affilgo.

4. There are other benefits we can experience from Crowd1 in the coming years, specially when Miggster launch in 2020.

Being a part of Crowd1 with a very minimal risk is NOTHING compared to any unnecessary expenses that you spent in other things in the past without any returns.

5. Crowd1 Members should thank their Sponsors for inviting you to join us and for giving you Spill-Over points as a support to you.


Gratitude is a good attitude.

In the long run your POINTS is actually accumulating and it becomes Euro every time you have left and right Matching Bonus. At the moment they are silently resting and growing in your Account.

But it is your job to find your OWN direct recruits to unlocked the benefits of your accumulated points.

Two direct recruits is your keys. (One on the left and one on the right). I highly recommend that you place your relatives, love one in your first 2 invites.

Stop blaming your Upline if they failed to orient you that you have to recruit. Instead focus in building your own team.

Crowd1 is NOT for lazy people who are NOT confident to share this Business opportunity.

Crowd1 is NOT for impatient people whose focus is only to become rich by doing nothing.

Crowd1 is NOT for people who are not willing to invite.

Crowd1 is NOT for people who do not believe in this Company & easily quit and crying out.

Crowd1 is worldwide!
Crowd1 is legal!
Crowd1 has now 1 million members in just 1 year period.



Join my international team- click here

Have a prosperous 2020!

This 2020 all of us can make easy 1 million euro's 

It all depends of our actions!!


My goal is to make between 5 and 10 million in this 2020


2020 is a money making year


For allot of us it is now or never!!!


Our family is looking up to us!


Don't let them down!


Who agree's with me?

How to get Crowd1 success?

TOP 5 reason to get your own success


1.You need Proven system like our Crowd1 system

2.Make your goal settings small steps, bigger steps

3.You must make work for get results; talk, organize appointments

and invite. Come out your comfort zone

4.Educate yourself + Crowd1 selling education packages.

If you have joined us and purchased the package, then you will also have our training available

5.Don't ever quit. There are no excuses, just continue to do a purposeful Crowd1 business


We have webinars every Sunday at 14.00 GMT+1

  • Leaders always show up..

  • Remember we have Telegram and Whatsapp groups!

  • You can contact me, if you have any questions. Example via Webtalk and this website chat.

  • Leave at least a chat message with your email address and your question.


NETWORKING COMPANY, featuring fully both an android and iOS app adapted for every global market with high-end real-time mobile technology, thus affording you the unique opportunity to turn your smartphone into an ATM.


Crowd1 is using crowd marketing and online networking to create a solid crowd of members eager to take advantage of agreements negotiated with profitable third party companies, in the entertainment industry.

Currently gaming is the most profitable business in the entire industry.

[The games that dominate the industry are casino, sports betting, lottery, bingo, mahjong and poker and its growth is greatly driven by factors such as internet penetration.]

So, Crowd1 is creating a truly unique business model which will enable RESIDUAL INCOME FOR MILLIONS OF PEOPLE who become part of this Crowd Economy Revolution.

Crowd1 must not be mistaken for a gaming or gambling company. Instead, Crowd1 uses online networking and the most modern methods for customer acquisition, including affiliate systems, to create a solid customer base.

The Crowd1 customer base is then introduced to external partners through Affilgo, in the form of licensed gaming companies, where agreements are made for profit sharing.


You purchase one of the following education packs, and each pack comes loaded with Free Owner Rights, the Owner Rights give you access to a residual income/profit sharing:

White Pack €99 -Peso6000

Black Pack €299 -Peso17000

Gold Pack €799 -Peso45000

Titanium €2,499 -Peso142000

{The White, Black, Gold and Titanium come with €100, €300, €1000 & €3500 worth of Owner Rights, respectively}

NB: There's no reference to Owner Rights as shares as they will not go to the stock market, but members will sell/buy them at our internal exchange, the Crowd1 Exchange as soon as LAUNCH IS LIVE.


Apart from the aforementioned residual income, there's a buffet of bonuses on the table, a bonus system that has already produced millionaires:


The first bonus ever, where you will be able to earn money just by joining! As soon as you join CROWD1, all paid members worldwide joining after you count into your Streamline Bonus Levels

Please refer to the table in the back office on how to qualify for each streamline level, a higher streamline level gives you access to a fabulous streamline bonus.

That's why we advise you to JOIN TODAY!


To unlock your binary you must have at least one personally sponsored person on each leg. Each new sign up gives you a different amount depending on their package level and your

imbalanced points in the left / right leg.

White €9 - €36

Black €27 - €108

Gold €72 - €288

Titanium €225 - €900}


This bonus pays out a percentage based on your personally sponsored team's binary bonus


The amount you get to keep is:

€3000 if you invite 4 Titanium members.

€1000* if you invite 4 Gold members.

€375 if you invite 4 Black members.

€125 if you invite 4 White members.

This is within 14 days of signing up!


It is a direct kickback from the money spent in any of the many online gaming products offered by Crowd1 and Affilgo third party companies, MONTH AFTER MONTH - YEAR AFTER YEAR! This kicks in when launch goes live - on October 22nd.


There are different titles in the network, namely: Team Leader, Coordinator, Manager, Director and President. New levels are reached by building your binary and earning money in Crowd1.

The higher network levels have a lucrative bonus waiting for you!!!


You Get Crowd1 Team Members form here:

1). Your primary and secondary
school mates.
2). Your higher institution course
mates and room mates.
3). People in your neighborhood.
4). Your church members.
5). Your club members.
6). Your village people in your area.
7). Your Family members, both
nuclear and extended.
8). Office colleagues.
9). Customers you patronize
10). Your Phone contacts.
11). Your Facebook friends.
12). Your WhatsApp friends.
13). Your Instagram friends.
14). Your LinkedIn friends.
15). Your Twitter friends.
16). Your children's school PTA.
17). Everyone you feel inspired to talk
to in the course of your day.
The list is endless...
Affiliate Marketing is the Easiest Business!