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Mar 27



New properties added. Reserve your fractional owner rights. Click on YOUR F.O.R. to see the Value and Benefits Calculators, check the FAQ section for more info. Great news! WazzUb is now re-launched in the SafeZone with the first functions. Come and join the discussions, get additional Support and more at WazzUb, simply log in with your SafeZone Pass to get started. New properties are listed on TwnklEstate periodically with pre-announcements posted in https://WazzUb.com/1000040474

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  • Our Rainbow Currency Foundation - YEM Your Everyday Money. Rainbow Currency Foundation April 2019-04-28 Newsletter on UIA (UNION OF INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATIONS) Dear Rainbow Currency Holders! Dear SafeZone Members! We are happy to let you know officially that: 1 The RCF is listed in the newest, 56th edition of the Yearbook of UIA (UNION OF INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATIONS) And 2 We also have applied today for a paid membership which includes great advantages for networking with many and big and interesting NGOs and INGOs. Why UIA listing and paid membership? “The UIA is the world's oldest, largest and most comprehensive source of information on global civil society. To this day, it carries out the sophisticated and visionary concepts of its founders. In developing beyond its initial bibliographical and organizational focus, the UIA seeks ways to recognize, honour and represent the full spectrum of human initiatives and preoccupations.“ https://uia.org/history RCFs aims, goals and intentions in general terms are to be truly helpful in many regards, for instance: 1. Helpful to RC holders. 2. Helpful to humanity in different forms via Your Everyday Money (YEM). Associations and cooperation with charities and other international organizations via UIA helps us get the word out, support information and education about RC and to increase interest in our unique currency. We aim to help organizations to get YEM donations and herewith increase movement of, and demand in RC. This way everyone wins - and this is how it should be, winners only. More Information about UIA. Status of UIA with UN (United Nations) https://uia.org/partners 1. UN-DGC (Associate Status) http://www.un.org/en/sections/departments/department-global-communications/ 2. UNESCO (Associate Partner) https://en.unesco.org/ 3. ECOSOC (Consultative Status - Special Status) http://www.un.org/en/ecosoc/ History of UIA „1950 ECOSOC Resolution Resolution 334 B (XI) of the UN Economic and Social Council was adopted which established cooperation between the United Nations and the UIA, and confirmed at ECOSOC's 16th Session. "The Committee unanimously expressed its appreciation of the value and usefulness of the Yearbook of International Organizations published by the Union of International Associations. Members voiced the hope that the work of the Union would become even better known both to the public and to Member States and that its continuation would be secured" (UN Doc E/2489). Consultative status was granted to the UIA in 1951. 1952 Relations with UNESCO The UIA was granted consultative status with UNESCO, and later on, several contracts brought UNESCO's aid for bibliographical work and also for a study of NGOs.“ More about UIAs History to be found here https://uia.org/history We are looking forward to become well connected around the world, to become truly helpful to all parties that come in contact with us, and of course to all of your success, our dear and valued RC holders and those of the readers who will later on join the crowd. RC has a very bright future! Maybe even the brightest of all crypto currencies over the long run? Lora M. Bilger On behalf of the BoD of the RCF (Rainbow Currency Foundation) Read More About Rainbow Currency https://www.buywithcryptos.net and https://www.buywithcryptos.net/check-it-out
  • Rainbow Currency foundation - RCF, Is now officially listed in the UIA Yearbook. The Union of International Associations (UIA) is a non-profit non-governmental research institute and documentation center based in Brussels, Belgium, and operating under United Nations mandate. Yes, You read correctly - RCF is recognized by the UNITED NATIONS !!! #YEMRISING https://uia.org/s/or/en/1122282533 Read more About Rainbow Currency https://www.buywithcryptos.net/check-it-out
  • Progress on TwnklCar still continues.  As soon as there are further updates we will post them here. If you have not done so yet, please check the March 20, 2019 Webinar Recap for more info in the meantime. Read more here: https://rainbowcurrency.com/1000040474 (under WEBINARS).