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  • The Smartest Way to Manage Relationships and MAKE MONEY and it's FREE! -Webtalk is taking on all social media from LinkedIn to Facebook to Instagram to Twitter with it's patent-pending SocialCRM technology. At Webtalk you can post sametime to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Slack. The Smartest Way to Manage Relationships +MAKE MONEY and it's FREE! ABOUT WEBTALK Webtalk on ABC News https://youtu.be/IOitvP6wwok LIVE SocialCPX by Webtalk Affiliate Program Demo: Earn up to 50% of Webtalk's Revenue for LIFE https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=obYhiiJ5rng Webtalk Live (HD) How to use Webtalk to Manage ALL Relationships https://youtu.be/Tg4YHDyCm18 Join Webtalk - Only Invitation. Your invitation link https://www.webtalk.co/jyri.suominen UPDATED BETA ROAD MAP From RJ Garbowicz Founder, CEO and Chairman at Webtalk.  Over the next 3-8 weeks, we are planning to release all of the final products to automate marketing, onboarding/training, sales, and commission payments worldwide (nearly 200 countries) for all of our affiliate Beta members to aid you in your inviting efforts. In the following 4-8 weeks, we plan to begin launching new revenue/commission streams (Webtalk Ads and Webtalk Swag Shop), and Webtalk in multiple languages, with a goal to release mobile apps and Pages for business before the end of the year. (see the full roadmap below) ROADMAP > Webtalk: Free SocialCRM (virtual Rolodex contact management + personal & professional networking), Magic Newsfeed (5-in-1) & Universal Profile LAUNCHED with more improvements underway > Webtalk PRO: Universal Premium Features for personal and professional use to help you manage relationships better, meet new people, and create more success (includes universal CRM for startups and small business) LAUNCHED with more improvements underway > Webtalk Help Desk: Find answers to all of your questions and contact our amazing support team LAUNCHED https://help.webtalk.co with more improvements underway > Webtalk Training Guide: Meet the founders, learn about the problems we are solving, and about Webtalk's complete start to finish vision for the company and what it means to you as a Beta user LAUNCHED http://info.webtalk.co COMING IN JUNE (target launch): > Newsfeed Updates & New Features > SocialCRM Updates & New Features > PRO Updates & New Features > Introducing Getting Started Steps & Welcome Tutorials for new users > Reintroducing Email Importer/Inviter > Introducing "Imported Contacts" feature to save your email list to your contacts pages for reinviting (soon PRO members be able to send newsletters to non-Webtalk users seamlessly through the newsfeed) > Introducing Affiliate Program Enrollment (SocialCPX soft launch) > Introducing Affiliate Payments Dashboard (cashout commissions) > Introducing new SocialCPX landing page and Webtalk Newsroom > Introducing new promotional video > Introducing new PROMOTION FOR PRO CUSTOMERS ONLY (will apply to current PRO users) Note: Branding for the promotion will not be complete until July. LOTS MORE PLANNED FOR JULY & BEYOND! THINGS ARE REALLY HEATING UP AT THE WEBTALK OFFICE! Lastly, I want to do a special shout-out to Louis Szondywho recently joined the Webtalk engineering team! Lou became a Beta member over a year ago, and he volunteered a LOT of his time to help us succeed without expecting anything in return. As a result, we were so impressed by him that we made him an offer to join our team this month! Thank you for all of your hard work Louis Szondy! We are grateful to have you officially apart of the team! Join Webtalk - Only Invitation. Your invitation link https://www.webtalk.co/jyri.suominen Join my Global Team I help you and share news and updates with you.
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