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Info - What you can buy with Crypto Currency
and save money



The Rainbow Currency (Trading Symbol YEM) was created late 2017 by more than 3,200 Internet users from 157 different countries. First launched on the public Ethereum blockchain, Rainbow Currency moved in August 2018 to a private blockchain called TwnklChain.

It has been created as a pure currency with no connection to any particular business, while it is represented by the Rainbow Currency Foundation, a global non-profit organization with board members from all over the world.

The main purpose of Rainbow Currency is to bring value and stability into the crypto world by establishing and growing an economy where YEM is the only accepted form of payment. YEM stands for Your Everyday Money.

As one of very few digital currencies, Rainbow Currency fulfills all requirements by the Federal German Ministry of Finance regarding its function as a substitute currency for the Euro (EUR).

Since then, thousands of transactions have been processed with a maximum fee of 0.1%, needing less than a second to be executed. Among these transactions is the first notarized real-estate contract in cryptocurrency for an apartment in Germany.

Simply for opening a free wallet at our official wallet provider PerNum you will receive a welcome bonus of 100 YEM instantly credited to your wallet.

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Read more about our opportunities and our Unicorn Network


Proof of Real Estate Transaction for YEM: Click here

Union of International Associations - Rainbow Currency Foundation (RCF)

Union of International Associations


breaking news




Rainbow Currency Foundation is a Non-Profit Corporation, registered in Nevada
Business ID NV20171765116.

A virtual currency designed to be exactly that - a virtual currency, functioning as an approved substitute currency for fiat money.

A virtual currency designed to be exactly that - a virtual currency, functioning as an approved substitute currency for fiat money.

Through common sense, practical, and innovative applications of security, privacy, convenience, ease of use, fast, low cost, and legally compliant high-quality standards, Rainbow Currency stands among the best virtual currencies of the world.

It can be used to purchase all types of products and services, including marketing and business services, solar energy, real estate and more.

The Rainbow Currency is different – instead of creating an energy-wasting, centralized “mining” industry, you are rewarded for easy-to-fulfill everyday activities. Fun activities such as prize draws, voting for your favorites, liking content and more are offered by websites and networks to support our currency.

Simply for opening a free wallet at our official wallet provider PerNum you will receive a welcome bonus of 100 YEM instantly credited to your wallet.

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SAFEZONE- SafeZone, Inc.

Everyday, in the news we can read about data hacks: email addresses, passwords, credit card details, names, phone numbers, whole identities…









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Invitation Code - Our invitation to sign up for our Unicorn Network is by invitation only. If you are asked for a code during registration. Type 1000040474

When you sign up for our Unicorn Network you can use the same username, password and security pin on each of our sites.

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interesting merger news! opportunities will continue soon..

Unicorn Network companies

11 AUG 2019

Our European Holding company UAC Holding GmbH is doing merger with TC Unterhaltungselektronik AG.

"UAC Holding (UAC), which is involved in blockchain investments , plans to merge with TC Unterhaltungselektronik AG (TCU) listed on the stock exchange, according to an ad hoc announcement published on 5 August by TCU .


The planned association should be "evaluated and prepared in the next two months". No later than November, the plans at the meetings will be discussed by both companies. 


Shares of TCU are currently listed on the Frankfurt and Stuttgart traded . The market capitalization of the company is currently relatively low at around 890,000 euros. According to information on its website, UAC currently has a capitalization of around 120 million euros.


The company describes itself there as "Germany's first crypto GmbH" whose "registered capital to 100% with a cryptocurrency rendered" had been. This is the so-called Rainbow Currency (YEM).


The TCU claims to specialize in TV products and peer-to-peer technology and is a developer for iTV, IPTV, Android TV and P2P TV. The merger of the two companies would create another listed AG in Germany with active blockchain investments".

Read original news (in German) here

  • Unicorn Network, Inc. - Our operations company. 

  • United American Capital Corporation (UAC) The holding (or parent) company of our whole network; run by the founders.

Dan Settgast  - United American Capital Corporation.

Interview by TV Channel NBS (November 2019) Video

Dan Settgast - Unicorn Network - Business Breakfast talk. Video

opportunities continue..

Here's a video that tells you all about how you can save tens of percent on holidays, cars, luxury products. Or example how to own part of a property for less than $ 20 and much more.

In addition, the video explains how to sign up for the Unicorn network. watch it


PERNUM - (PERsonal NUMber) - PerNum, Inc.

PERNUM is the official wallet provider for Rainbow Currency (YEM), Twnkl Estate Coin (TEC) and other coins/tokens on the TwnklChain.

Simply for opening a free wallet at our official wallet provider PerNum you will receive a welcome bonus of 100 YEM instantly credited to your wallet.

PERNUM is your perfect privacy tool, protecting all your private data.

Instead of sharing your private data over and over again, simply mask them with your PERsonal NUMber.

More and more websites and online shops are participating.

The PERNUM System is built to mask all your private data, including your phone number, your email address, your user names, your credit card info, your account numbers, your shipping address and much, much more.


PERNUM is the only privacy system on the Internet qualifying for the SafeZone Seal of Trust.

On top of that, leading cyber security experts are recommending PERNUM for maximum privacy and identity protection.

We also have a Pernum messenger to connect with others


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TWNKL SHOP -Shobbit, Inc.

TWNKLSHOP is where your shopper’s dreams come true. Put your desired product on our Wishlist, invite others to vote for your product, close a smart contract at unbeatable prices, receive your item in 8 to 16 months.
You can save up to 95% compared to the net price of any product above US$500. But you need to be fast, because every offer is strictly limited.

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WAZZUB - Wazzub, Inc.

Welcome to the WAZZUB WORLD, where you make new friends and keep
your privacy!
You can join our community by invitation only. As a member, you are
rewarded for your activity.
Discuss your favorite topics and collect valuable YEM.

Here you will also find announcements, news, press releases and everything important about the services and news of Unicorn Network and all of our companies. Twnkl Estate, Twnkl Shop etc.

Go Wazzub

WazzUB Tutorial - How to make WazzUB account - Unicorn Network - Video

EEBOOX - (Is a product of Shobbit Inc.)

is your place for valuable ebooks on the internet within the SafeZone open network!

EEBOOX offers a wide selection of valuable ebooks and articles on a huge variety of topics. Cooking, Health & Wellness, Hobbies, Marketing, Money, and Sports are just some of the topics you'll find on EEBOOX.

EEBOOX specializes in non-fiction books written to help you in various aspects of your life from relationships, pet care, parenting, healthly living, DIY (Do-it-Yourself), business, and many other helpful how-to guides, articles, and valuable full length ebooks.

Join here Eeboox

TWNKL ESTATE- Twnkl Estate, Inc.

Finally, people from all around the world can buy fractional owner rights even on a small budget. Sign up today and start building your personal real-estate portfolio.


is a revolutionary joint-venture bringing real estate together with blockchain technology to create the perfect combination of transparency, privacy, security, and legal compliance, with industry-friendly features and functions that buyers, sellers, renters, developers, retailers, architects, and even Do-It-Yourselfers can appreciate. Real estate is rented or purchased using the virtual currency TwnklEstate Coin (TEC).

At TWNKLESTATE, we are buying all kinds of real estate in different countries, putting the properties on the blockchain (digital ledger), and selling full or fractional owner rights through smart contracts to our members. The only currency we accept is the Twnkl Estate Coin (TEC).

In a short formula,TwnklEstate = Blockchain + Cryptocurrency

Join here TwnklEstate


TWNKLCHAIN - Works under SafeZone, Inc.

is more than a blockchain: it is the best of blockchain technology, combined with all the benefits of the SafeZone. Imagine fast, secure, transparent, low-fee transactions with maximum privacy. Additionally, TWNKLCHAIN is set up for a wide variety of smart contracts. From utility bills to real estate, TWNKLCHAIN is the best choice for all your blockchain needs.

Proof of Work (POW)

Be rewarded by setting up your own node that validates transactions on the TwnklChain, creating new blocks as they appear in the network. Minimum requirements need to be met. Please log in for details.

Proof of Stake (POF)

Be rewarded by staking a minimum amount of YEM against our own supernodes that have already gone through the Proof-of-Work process to validate transactions on TwnklChain. Please log in for details.

Proof of Activity (POA)

Be rewarded by simply being active within our network of websites, called the SafeZone. Participate in prize draws, vote at online talent contests, and do other fun stuff to receive valuable FREE YEM for shopping.

Join here TwnklChain

CASHBACK MARKETING - Cashback Marketing Ltd. (only for Business members)


Cashback Marketing is your secret to success! Deposit your budget for future marketing campaigns and receive up to 50% cashback on the unused portion of your budget.

Use the cashback to lower your marketing costs or to get even more marketing power on the same budget.


As a Cashback Marketing customer you have exclusive access to our ABC of marketing instruments.

No matter if articles, banners, coupons, deals, events, or any other marketing strategy, your business will be seen by thousands of new customers. Unleash up to 20 x more marketing power with our “Ads You Can Trust”.


Imagine spending money for marketing but generating no sales… With our Budget Back Guarantee you are always on the safe side.

Plan your campaign with one of our marketing experts for a risk-free marketing experience. If you generate no sales, your full budget will be credited back to use for your next campaign.


Invite others to become Cashback Marketing customers and/or affiliates.

It is free to join our powerful affiliate program and you receive a lifetime commission on every sale to customers who have been invited by you. On top of that, you will receive a bonus for their affiliate activity as well. Cash out your balance at your convenience or use it for additional marketing power.

There are 2 types of Marketing Unit tokens, CBMD are U.S. dollar based units with a base value of US$30 in marketing budget, and CBMT are based on YEM with a base value of 3000 YEM in marketing budget.

Join here CashBackMarketing

WE SHARE SUCCESS - We Share Success Ltd.

“We Share Success” is our (Unicorn Network) Affiliate Central where you receive commissions, bonuses, and valuable rewards.


Invitation Marketing is the easiest, fastest, and most comfortable way to earn money on the Internet. Simply join for free, invite others to join for free, and browse our partner websites for great offers and exclusive deals. There is no obligation to buy, no obligation to sell – you don’t even need to promote any product or website.



First Generation: Whenever a member you invited is closing a deal on one of our partner websites, you receive a commission of up to 20% of the product’s value.

Following Generations: Whenever a member invited by your first to fifth generation is closing a deal on one of our partner websites, you receive a Family Bonus of up to 2% of the product’s value.



At WESHARESUCCESS your income opportunities are unlimited. More and more websites fall in love with our unique invitation marketing strategy, because they receive free traffic to their website, and they pay a commission only when a deal is closed.



WE SHARE SUCCESS has served the Internet community since 2014 and has paid more than a million US$ in commissions and bonuses. Membership is free forever and there are no obligations for any activity – in short words: Sorry, no catch!

Join here Invitation Marketing

PRIZEMANIA - Prize Mania Ltd.


You can be next! Sign up for free and receive your lifetime free personal ticket number (PerNum). Every day your PerNum has more than 140 chances to win. Simply click on the CLICK TO WIN button of each category once per hour and check if you are a lucky winner. You can win ebooks, smartphones, jewelry, surprise gifts, and even a Cash or Twnkl jackpot.


Since 2012, we have picked more than 100,000 winners. Every 10 minutes we pick a new winner, and you can be next. Simply sign up for free and check if you are the lucky one.

PRIZE MANIA is free forever. We will never send you unwanted emails, and we will never share your data with any third party.

Join here Prizemania


TMC is for everything mobility related, all kinds of mobility (cars, trains, buses, planes, boats).

We are already preparing the next deal, the Twnkl Mobility Club, where members will be able to buy a new car to their liking at highly discounted rates with our brand new TwnklMobility Coin or TMC.

For those of you who don’t want to own a whole car, we will have a blockchain-based car-sharing model, preferably with electric cars. We are even negotiating with an electro bus company about adding public transportation in selected areas to our portfolio.

Go TwnklCars

Watch video below - How to buy a new Dream car up to 80% discount



No matter what holiday you dream of, with the International Vacation Club (IVC) your dream holiday will finally be affordable!

Whether it's a cruise, city trip, beach holiday, ski tour or a private jet around the world, the IVC always has an unbeatable offer for you.

  • Save up to 95%

  • on flights, hotels and package tours

As an IVC member, you not only get the best prices, but exclusive benefits that you won't find anywhere else:

  • Up to 12% CashBack

  • Free extra nights

  • Exclusive Club Tours

It's always worth being a member of IVC!


As an IVC member you get up to 12% CashBack on:
  • Hotel bookings

  • Flight bookings

  • Car rentals

  • Package tours

  • Cruises

The Cashback is paid directly into your account in the digital currency YEM after the trip and saves you additional money on your next booking.


Already in the second year you qualify for valuable extras that you get with every travel booking
  • Extra nights

  • Upgrades

  • Vouchers

  • Trips

  • Additional discounts

The longer you are an IVC member, the more valuable are the extras you receive. In addition, a team of qualified travel experts will help you to plan your perfect holiday.


The IVC Smart Deals really save money! Plan your dream holiday up to 3 years in advance and save up to an incredible 95% on your travel price!
  • No matter where

  • No matter how expensive

  • Always up to 95% discount

Finally you can afford the holiday you deserve. This is made possible by the latest blockchain technology, which allows you to book dream holidays today with the Twnkl Vacation Coin (TVC), exclusively for IVC members.

Join here International Vacation Club

How to buy Vacations up to 95% Discounts. Video

Twnkl Soccer

Free Sports bet game

Join here Twnkl Soccer

You can buy our Crypto Currency and subcoins from CryptoCoinHouse (CCH).

Here is video tutorial about CCH and Verfication.


But before your register to CCH - Join first our Unicorn Network via our SafeZone Pass - Use any link above this text.

MoneyPon - UAC Holding GmbH

MoneyPon is the new way to pay 100% secure and without the sharing of personal data online.

Simply enter your MoneyPon voucher code, confirm with a personal PIN - done!

MoneyPon is a perfect gift that can be sent anywhere in the world and is still 100% protected from theft and misuse.

Whether by email or by post - a MoneyPon is always protected. Only the right recipient can redeem the MoneyPon and simply identifies themselves with a personal PIN.


MoneyPon also offers 100% payment security in local shops. Cash can be stolen, cards can be misused - only MoneyPon vouchers are absolutely secure!

Simply print out the MoneyPon voucher code, scan or type it in, confirm with a personal PIN - that's it! A 100% secure payment can be that easy.

Join here MoneyPon



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