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For the first time ever, a game changing new solar technology has been paired with all the best features of blockchain technology. This combination is disrupting the whole energy industry, and making the old, high-cost power grids obsolete.


The Solario Token (SOLR) is built on the TWNKL Blockchain. Only 50 million tokens are available.

Each token is a voucher for 100 kWh of 100% clean energy, to be delivered after Jan 1, 2022 through decentralized Solario Micro Power Grids.

For those who are not interested in receiving energy, the Solario Marketplace will allow them to sell their tokens at the current rate.


Solar Energy Revolutions is here giving your change to world with 100% clean, renewable energy all around the world. Imagine a world where energy is available when you need it where you need it, without polluting our beautiful planet. This is your chance to make a difference - support the Solar Energy Revolution!

We give your change!

SOLARIO is one of the pacemakers for the so called '3rd Industrial Revolution'. Turning every house, every car, and many other devices into Micro Power Plants, and at the same time, lowering the cost for energy dramatically.

Join our movement now and we are able to install Micro Power Grids in every country, every city, every neighborhood. Together we can change the world!

BUY SOLR TOKENS < click here


How to install Solar Panels?

DIY- Do It Yourself

Table of Contents
Step 1: Bury Conduit and Build a Platform.
Step 2: Mount the Panels.
Step 3: Secure the Rear Legs.
Step 4: Wire the Solar Modules.
Step 5: Understand the Wire Connections.
Step 6: Connect the Cables to the Control Panels.
Step 7: Ground the System.
Step 8: Make the Electrical Connections Inside.


What else?

Learn things:
Solar Panel System
Solar Cell
Solar Panel Roof
Solar Panel Kits
Solar Panel Offers
Solar Panel Funding
Solar Panel cost / price
PV - PhotoVoltaic
Photovoltaic Cell
Peltier Module
Peltier Cooler
Seeback Effect
Thermoelectric Cooler
Renewable Energy

You can try to do it yourself or

Read more and Support The Solar Energy Revolutions!

Do you want make own 3D Solar panels?


3D Solar Panels proof video