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Union of International Associations - Rainbow Currency Foundation (RCF)

Union of International Associations

More proofs about YEM - coming really soon today

Federal Ministry of Finance confirms payment function
On 27 February 2018, the Federal Ministry of Finance issued a circular to the supreme tax authorities of the federal states referring to an ECJ ruling on the tax treatment of virtual currencies.

There it says in the wording:

"In view of the grounds of the ruling and taking into account the principle of equal treatment, other so-called virtual currencies will also be treated as legal tender if these currencies have been accepted by the parties to the transaction as an alternative contractual and direct means of payment and serve no purpose other than the use as means of payment.
Accordingly, the conversion of such so-called virtual currencies into legal tender and vice versa is tax-exempt".

Translated (all text from German language) with

First German GmbH founded with YEM as original investment

On February 15, 2019, UAC Holding GmbH, the first German GmbH, was entered in the commercial register (HRB 20401 KI) with a capital contribution of 100% in a virtual currency (YEM). A capital reserve of EUR 200,000 was also provided when the company was founded in YEM.

This was made possible by the expert opinion of a German auditing company, which confirmed the value of the Rainbow Currency after an intensive audit. This expert opinion was fully recognized by the registry court.

Since then, several corporations in Germany and abroad have formed capital reserves in YEM.
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The first new car is paid with YEM

In December 2018, the first sale of a new car in Germany against payment with Rainbow Currency (YEM) takes place. A black Hyundai i10 from the Gerdes car dealership in Oldenburg was previously auctioned off in an online auction in which bids could only be submitted in the virtual currency YEM. After a few exciting weeks and more than 2000 bids, the winner received the vehicle at the beginning of 2019, of course inscribed with "DAS ERSTE KRYPTO MOBIL" and the Rainbow Currency logo.

Currently, a platform is in preparation on which Internet users can configure their desired vehicle and reserve it with the help of a Smart Contract. The net purchase price will then be deposited in TMC, the Mobility Coin in YEM World and the vehicle will be delivered on the desired date of 2020 or 2021. The possible savings are 50% or even more.
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